The "Kazeya Group" specializes in management and reconstruction of accommodation facilities.
There are many possible patterns for reconstruction and transfer, and there are various reasons for managers who are considering transfer. Please be assured that we will make requests under the surface of the water even if you do not want to be known to others.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or inquiries regarding facility management.

Plan of hotels regeneration

Even if you say "regeneration" in one word, there are various circumstances.
Among them, the issue of business succession and succession is a major issue.
In February 2019, a questionnaire on the business succession of the hotel / ryokan business, restaurant business, etc. announced by the Japan Finance Corporation showed that more than 50% of the hotel / ryokan industry was willing to take over. 51.0% of the companies have a successor, which is about the majority. We will respond to the wishes of those who cannot leave the inn even if they want to.

〇 You don't have to go bankrupt.
〇 It is possible to remain as the owner.
〇 We will solve the shortage of human resources (including foreign language support).
We will protect the inns and hotels that you have worked hard to raise.

Opening support/way to startover

We will support those who want to open an inn or hotel from now on.
We support the selection of land (location), market research, and the hot springs and water. In addition, we also offer floor plan advice to those who are considering architecture.
With more than 10 years of experience and achievements, professionals will give you advice.
Opening without regrets.

Consultant support

If you are operating hotels, then we can guide for its
Sucession and will be really happy in doing so.
Fusion of Japanese and internationals customers which will help your organization for its further development.

Support for loan and subsidy

These days, financial institutions,National Governments, municipalities, and local Organizations provide a wide variety of loans Subsidies, and subsidies to hotels and inns.
These loans and subsidies vary depending on the location of your hotels, or inns and new rules and regulations are being created everyday.we support you in receiving such loans and subsidies.