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Representative greeting

Representative greeting


We have responded to the opinions and requests of many owners.

From those experiences, local companies managers who want to continue "mentally" in addition to the main financial problems because their workplaces are "places to live", "places to protect", and "places of work". There are many people.

Therefore, we understand the "name" and "understanding of history" of companies and store names, and accept about 3 projects a year.

You may feel that 3 cases a year is "less?", But we think that it is the best number including the follow-up later.

When conducting overseas business such as business sale M & A, M & A is not uncommon, and it has become established as a "retirement" method.

Other methods such as "separation of ownership, management, and operation" can be considered, but the current situation is that they have not yet penetrated in Japan.

Also, in Japan, I feel that "ownership + (management / operation)" is already the limit. We are proceeding with our business based on the idea that "business continuity is not the end".

・ Is it a complete withdrawal?

・ Do you want to do your best as an officer?

・ Can you become a landlord or owner?

We will listen to such requests and propose many plans in the "best way", the method that is not taught in the textbook.




Representative career / business history

  • Choosing a chef's path in Kyoto, at the age of 25, transferred the business of a restaurant in Osaka, where he works, and started operation.
  • While surpassing the Lehman shock, at the age of 30, he took over the business of a hot spring inn without a successor in Nara prefecture.
  • Five years later, he encountered the "Kinki Great Flood" and the inn was completely destroyed, but restoration resumed one year later. Now it is listed in "Michelin".
  • While building a new inn in Wakayama as an administratively designated management company, at the age of 35, he acquired and reopened the inn in Hida Takayama for the sixth year.
  • ※Opened accommodation facilities such as sales / bankruptcy cases, business succession, and auction properties together with investors and banks.
  • Feeling "correct" in treating foreign workers as full-time employees, he established Japanese language and service vocational schools in Nepal and Vietnam.
  • Acquired a temporary staffing company that was having trouble securing and discharging human resources, and dispatched "foreign staff" specializing in the service industry.
  • ※Business to enter accommodation facilities with low occupancy rate as a consultant, raise the occupancy rate and annual sales, and stabilize the sale price.
  • Utilizing the experience of a former chef, we support the optimization of material costs.

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0742-23-3289Reception time
Weekdays 10:00~18:00

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